The Strategic CIO’s Playbook

CIOs aspire to create the “perfect” environment to drive business growth. But every environment is unique. True digital transformation requires a Hybrid IT model that blends on-premises systems, cutting-edge platforms, and cloud services that, together, accelerate IT’s ability to meet changing business demands.

What is Hybrid IT?

What is Hybrid IT you might ask. Hybrid IT combines the delivery of enterprise applications, data, and services to keep the business running and accelerate innovation. It encompasses people, process, and technology, and spans on-premises and off-premises environments across the data center, private cloud, public cloud, and the edge of the network. In a Hybrid IT environment, enterprises blend CapEx, OpEx, as-a-service, and pay-per-use consumption models.

The Playmakers

Meet the CIOs who are driving Hybrid IT strategies to transform their organizations. Their insights and advice will provide you with guidance throughout this playbook.